Decodable Books

Students with dyslexia or students who need additional phonemic awareness support, benefit from reading decodable text. Decodable texts include a high percentage of phonetically regular words comprised of explicitly taught letter-sound correspondences.

With our decodable books, we want students to know, “You KAN read”.

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Youkan Reading: Decodable Books (Series 1)
Series 1 has five (5) short stories in one book. The book follows a structured phonics scope and sequence beginning with one syllable, closed syllable words, and uses a chapter book format with illustrations.
Youkan Reading: Decodable Books (Series 2)
Series 2 continues from Series 1 with five more humorous decodable stories. Many of the beloved characters from Series 1 appear in Series 2, and a few new characters get themselves into a bit of trouble.