Youkan Publishing, LLC

Youkan Publishing creates children’s books that make a difference. Through humor and passion, Youkan Publishing:

  • provides books that are reading accessible to all children
  • inspires reluctant readers to enjoy reading
  • conveys positive world messages

The decodable books are designed for children who:

  • need more support at the phonemic awareness level
  • need additional practice applying decoding strategies and the alphabetic principle
  • have been identified as having dyslexia or having reading decoding difficulties

Our Mission

Create books that make a difference.

Our Values

  • Early literacy success
  • Humor
  • Building children’s confidence to read
  • Planet sustainability
  • Animal rights

Team Youkan

Cheryl A. Young strongly believes that each student’s language, culture, and/or learning difference has value, and each student has the right to an education that is relevant, supportive, and inclusive. Dr. Young earned a PhD in General Special Education from the University of Texas at Austin, a MA in Bilingual Special Education from the University of Arizona, and a BS in General Special Education from Southern Connecticut State College. Most of her teaching experience is in the area of learning disabilities and literacy acquisition. She has taught in both the public and private sector within the US and taught at international schools in Egypt, Malaysia, South Africa, Azerbaijan, and Germany. She was previously employed with the Washington State education agency as the K-12 Reading Coordinator, and led the Dyslexia Pilot Project. As a tenured track faculty member at the University of North Carolina Charlotte, she taught literacy methods courses and multicultural education at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Dr. Young has presented at national and international conferences. Her passion, however, is teaching children to read.

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Minna Kangas is an artist with a worldwide following. Her work has touched on endangered animal preservation and habitat protection. Minna grew up as a “Third Culture Kid”, and has continued her international living as an adult. She was born in Finland and has lived in Tanzania, Libya, Egypt, the US, South Africa, Azerbaijan, and Germany. Her devotion to animals and love of nature are reflected in her illustrations.